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Listen to uncensored conversations with key protagonists and leaders in the EV industry in India on their experience in changing the face of mobility in India & their views on how to foster rapid adoption of EVs. These 30 – 45 minute conversations allow you to form your own opinion on the challenges & opportunities for the EV sector in India.
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Short format, engaging (& often entertaining) voice editorials, providing a view-point on a particular subject. Topics are well researched in-depth from various angles for each episode, with an intent to identify the core roadblocks or main underlying themes that are often not so evident to everyone. These short 15-minute episodes are full-on information & entertainment and don’t need you to be an EV geek to keep up.
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Energizing India Podcast
Energizing India Podcast
EP 21 |Achieving the impossible – Rapid Charge in 15 minutes | Arun Vinayak |Exponent Energy

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The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.

Energizing India Podcast
Energizing India Podcast
The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.



Energizing India is an Ador Digatron production giving a voice to the electric mobility sector in India

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