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We are a team that is passionate about electric mobility & helping change how people commute. We noticed a few years ago that unlike the ICE industry, the electric mobility ecosystem was still not working cohesively and that the different silos (policy making, regulatory, vehicle OEMs, battery manufacturers, charge point operators, charging infrastructure manufacturers, power companies, design consultants, etc) were not talking to each other. More pertinently in many cases they didn’t even know the others existed. So, we decided to give a voice to this industry sector by creating the Energizing India Podcast in an endeavour to create a narrative on how to facilitate faster adoption of EVs in India.

The podcast features conversations with key protagonists & leaders within the EV sector in India. Conversations are unfiltered and candid and allow listeners to form their own opinion on subjects. Energizing India also features short editorials if you instead prefer a view point on major issues impacting the industry, based on solidly researched data and facts. We are a microcosm within the industry but see our role as punching above our weight to bring all of us together to change how we commute, the air we breathe and even they way we live our lives. To know the personalities that drive the podcast, visit the OUR TEAM tab.

Energizing India is an Ador Digatron production.

Ador Digatron is a joint venture between Ador Powertron (India) and Digatron Power Electronics (Germany) and is acknowledged as the innovation and technology leader within the energy storage & battery industries, supporting some of the main industry leaders in India & South-East Asia as well as Africa. As an integral arm of Digatron, our customers have access to the global design & manufacturing hubs of the group in Germany, Italy, USA, China and India. For over 50 years, Digatron has been developing and producing test and formation systems for all battery types ranging from mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries to batteries for submarine applications as well. Ador Digatron is a technology project house that provides industrial & technical knowledge as well as design, products & solutions to support the battery, energy storage and e-mobility industries. Our team provides comprehensive sales & service support in all geographies where we operate for a wide range of electronic test, charging & formation equipment for the emerging lithium battery sector, electric vehicles, static energy storage as well as numerous other battery chemistries including lead-acid technologies. Our customers include battery manufacturers, automotive OEMs, as well as universities & research facilities that develop cutting edge technologies and solutions for the future electrochemical energy.

Ador Digatron also holds an annual CXO level summit for the lithium and E-mobility eco systems In India, Thailand and Indonesia. Held under Chatham House Rules, these annual summits represent an opportunity for knowledge sharing and research related information dissemination

Energizing India is an Ador Digatron production giving a voice to the electric mobility sector in India

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