EP 30 | The ChargePoint Operators of India | GOEC | Charge Zone | Zeon | ChargeMod   

In this episode, we’ve got to do something that is very unique and not normally possible. We were fortunate to have four opinionators- all CEOs of charge point operations companies in India, who visited our Artemis studio on the very same day. They were in Pune to be a part of the energizing India summit, […]

EP 29 | Sustainable zero emission public transport for India | Ravi Panga | Causis Group Ltd

On 2nd January 2021, as the world was still grappling with the strict Corona lockdowns, limited flights and hotels being open, we at Energizing India had the opportunity to travel to Delhi to meet with Reji Pillai, President of India Smart Grid Forum. When we asked Reji what is the route to the quickest adoption […]

EP 28 | Uncovering India’s Clean Energy Transition | Preeti Bajaj | Luminous Power Technologies  

So far, our program has focused relentlessly on the clean mobility sector in India. So, for this episode, we decide to take a break and concentrate on the clean energy sector in India instead. Today, we feature a conversation with the CEO one of Schneider Electric’s companies in India which proved incredibly refreshing, not only […]

EP 27 | Concluding the Chicken & Egg story? | Awadesh JHA | Fortum Charge & Drive India  

This episode proved very interesting as we returned to the charge Point operations sector to speak to one of Europe’s largest CPOs, Fortum.   Following its successful domination of the European market, the company is focusing on expanding its network in India, the world’s fourth-largest automobile market. Fortum is among those who believe that infrastructure is […]

EP 26 | Electrifying South India | Karthikeyan Palanisamy | Zeon Charging

Today we speak with one of the most interesting startups started in South India. A fast-growing charge point operations company, in fact, given to its pace of growth, the company can perhaps no longer be called a startup. Zeon Charging is rapidly building the infrastructure needed to enable the EV Revolution in India. We speak […]

EP 25 | Decoding China’s Dominance on EVs Globally | The Economist | Vijay VAITHEESWARAN 

Vijay VAITHEESWARAN, Global Energy & Climate Innovation Editor, of The Economist, London magazine was traveling through India to work on an article featuring the green hydrogen sector in India.  We took the opportunity to have him on our podcast on a whistle stop visit to learn about the electric mobility sector in the US and […]

EP 24 | Building India’s First Homegrown Premium Electric Car | Pravaig Dynamics | Dhawal KHULLAR

In this episdoe we go back to the OEM sector, but we examine electric cars from a very different and unique perspective as we are featuring a bold and adventurous company that is designing an Indian-made premium EV which will only be available to luxury hotels and tourism fleets.

EP 23 | The Power Behind Real Sustainable Last Mile Deliveries | Omega Seiki Mobility | Uday NARANG

In this episode we go back to the OEM sector and speak to none other than Uday NARANG , Founder & CEO of Omega Seiki Mobility. Uday is nurturing this company to become the Tesla of the east for cargo EVs. Driven by data and analytics and a relentless focus on quality, Omega Seiki Mobility has become synonymous to India’s sustainability solutions for last-mile delivery. Uday is having a wonderful time making the rest of the industry uncomfortable. Listen here to find out why!

EP 22 | Making EVs Mainstream | Sunfuel Electric | Gul PANAG & Sudhir NAYAK

In this episode we go back to the charging infrastructure sector and speak to a unique new startup charge point operator co-founded by a team of people who bring a myriad of experience from the consulting, advertising, manufacturing and even the film industry. The one thing that this team has in common is a passion […]

EP 21 |Achieving the impossible – Rapid Charge in 15 minutes | Arun Vinayak |Exponent Energy

During the last 18 months on this program, we have covered conversations with the entire EV ecosystem in India including regulators, grid operators, vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers and charge point operators. What has become a very evident lesson is that the various elements of the EV ecosystem dance to their own tune and are not […]