E13 | A World Beyond Lithium | Faradion

In this episode, we discuss our world beyond the need to rely on Lithium. After the invention of the wheel, innovations in transportation barely evolved over 4,000 years. The arrival of the Internal Combustion Engine (or ICE technology) changed all of that during the late 1800s and it was the lead-acid battery that enabled the growth of […]

E12 | Which comes first… the infrastructure or the EVs | Chargezone

Range anxiety is one of the primary causes of dissonance in the minds of potential buyers of Electric Vehicles and it always ends up with the same chicken and egg story. Which comes first? Electric Vehicles or long distances charging infrastructures. Fast chargers are expensive and yet without the network, only the early adoptive adventure […]

E11 | Electrifying an automotive icon | MG Motors India

In this episode we cover one of the automotive world’s romantic icons which in its new avatar is also working to rapidly contribute to a greener future for India. Founded in 1924, MG had a rich history in racing and set numerous land speed records, pioneering its way through a bleeding-edge performance.  After a roller […]

E10 | The “HERO” Of EVs | Hero Electric Pvt Ltd

Today we speak to one of the crucial lynchpins of the entire EV movement in India. As an entrepreneur, he is widely recognized for his role in shaping the Indian Electric scooter industry and also for his contributions to various forums in the Electric Vehicles sector both in India and globally. He completed his Master’s […]

E09 | Electric Vehicles Powered By Farm Waste | Nexus Power

Electric Vehicles powered by Farm Waste In today’s episode, we talk to two interesting entrepreneurs, twin sisters Nikita & Nishita from Bhubaneshwar, who are working to create disruptions for the lithium-ion battery sector. Listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for India, they have invented a battery with the same energy density as lithium-ion […]

E08 | Candid conversation with a “Significant” EV Consumer on his 1500km adventure

In today’s episode, we decided to change track and feature a conversation with interesting insights from the perspective of an EV end user.  Aakash drove his Tata Nexon 1500 km from Jaipur to Longewala and back and we go over the challenges and joys of an EV on long drives, including tow charging, issues with […]

E07 | Candid Conversation with Reji Kumar PILLAI, President of India Smart Grid Forum on charging standards in India, & the power grid’s ability to accommodate a massive move to E-Mobility

In today’s episode, we change focus completely and move to the grid, the charging standards and the ability of the power network to be able to accommodate the growth that the government hopes to achieve in E-mobility within this decade, We really enjoyed recording this conversation for you which was with an imminently likeable and […]

E06 | Candid conversation with Mahesh BABU, MD & CEO at Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd on their plans to sell 500,000 EVs in India

Today’s episode features one of the companies that has taken the largest risks in the EV space, and now through its acquisition of Reva has in fact also taken on the mantle of being the oldest player in the EV space in India is Mahindra. Mahindra Electic has sold over 32,000 electric vehicles in India. […]

E05 | Fireside Chat With Industry Leaders On What Will Happen When The Gigafactories Arrive In India

Today’s episode features four experienced thought leaders from the E Mobility sector in India discussing what the industry will likely experience once the first lithium-ion Gigafactories arrive in the country.  Mahesh Godi, CEO Godi Energy, Vikram HANDA, MD Epsilon Carbon Pvt Ltd, Stefan LOUIS, CEO Nexcharge (the Exide/ Leclanche JV), and Dr. LN Satapahty, Additional […]

E04 | Candid conversation with Sulajja FIRODIA MOTWANI, Founder & CEO at Kinetic Green Energy on achieving the electric dream in India

Episode Summary In today’s episode of Energizing India Podcast, we feature India’s most iconic brand. Sulajja FIRODIA Founder & CEO at Kinetic Green Energy is a pioneer of electric vehicles in India, staying true to her family heritage that pioneered the iconic LUNA in the 60s and India’s first gearless scooter, the Kinetic Honda in […]