Ola Electric Scooter Catches Fire in Pune, Probe Underway

Ola Electric Scooter Catches Fire in Pune, Probe Underway


Fire breaks out on an Ola S1 pro electric scooter. The company states it will take all necessary precautions to fix it.

An Ola S1 pro electric scooter was spotted on fire in the Lohegaon region of Pune, as per a video that went popular on social media. The scooter is seen sitting on the side of a busy business area, entirely engulfed in flames.  Whatever the cause, an electric scooter catching fire is a frightening event that may prevent potential purchasers who may have been contemplating purchasing an electric scooter, particularly from Ola Electric. 

Ola co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal responded to the event in a tweet, saying: “Safety is a top priority. We’re investigating this and will fix it.” 

In a detailed statement on Twitter, the Bengaluru-based company stated: “We are aware of an incident in Pune that happened with one of our scooters in Pune and are investigating to understand the root cause and will share updates in the next few days.” The company further said it is constantly in touch with the customer “who is safe”. 

Asserting that vehicle safety is of paramount importance for it, Ola Electric said, “We take this one incident seriously and will take appropriate action and share more in coming days.” 

This is the first safety-related incident reported since the company started deliveries of the electric scooter. It had earlier faced issues with delivery timelines and the quality of the scooters. 

According to all indicators, EV battery fires are still infrequent, even when compared to gasoline and diesel fires. Even though electric vehicle technology is still in its infancy, these instances have garnered a lot of attention. While the cause of EVs catching fire is still being investigated, a thermal runaway is thought to occur when a lithium-ion battery is broken or short-circuited, causing an exothermic reaction inside the battery. A lithium-ion battery that has caught fire has proven to be tough to put out. When it meets water, it creates hydrogen gas and lithium-hydroxide. Because of its great flammability, hydrogen gas is a severe impediment. 

Read more in dept about what causes EV fires here –

Another tragedy has surfaced at a time when electric vehicles are becoming increasingly widespread on Indian roads, raising concerns about their safety. An Ola Electric scooter that was parked on the side of the road in Pune was recently observed engulfed in flames. The footage of the event has gone viral on social media, and netizens are left with a lot of concerns about what happened.  The Ola electric scooter catches fire in a couple of seconds, and the flames quickly spread. Several instances have surfaced of electric scooters catching fire while being charged or parked around the country, resulting in fatalities. This raises concerns about the safety of electric vehicles in the electrification race. But it’s Ola Electric’s pre-launch hoopla and its glitzy brand that are provoking the most controversy. Ola Electric must realize that it must provide its customers with the quality and safety assurance that it promised them at the outset, not a mirage. 

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