E10 | Naveen MUNJAL, Hero Electric

MD of Hero Electric

In this episode we speak to one of the crucial lynchpins of the entire EV movement in India.

As an entrepreneur, he is widely recognized for his role in shaping the Indian Electric scooter industry and also for his contributions to various forums in the Electric Vehicles sector both in India and globally.

He completed his Master’s in Business Administration from Huron University in London, and apprenticed with Land Rover in West Midlands, UK, before returning to India and becoming the first entrepreneur to introduce the electric vehilces to the country in 2001. His EV venture was already selling vehicles in 2007, before Tesla has even sold its first car commercially.

He has held various key positions in organizations such as the YPO or Young President’s Organization and EO, Entrepreneurs Organisation and was previously also Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s New Delhi State Council.

He is the Managing Director of Hero Electric. Naveen MUNJAL.

You sure don’t want to miss this one!

EP 09 | Nikita & Nishita, Nexus Power

Co-Founder & CEO of Nexus Power

Electric Vehicles powered by Farm Waste 

In this episode, we talk to two interesting entrepreneurs, twin sisters Nikita & Nishita from Bhubaneshwar, who are working to create disruptions for the lithium-ion battery sector. Listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for India, they have invented a battery with the same energy density as lithium-ion but is made from farm waste. Their peptide crystal batteries have been charged 8 times faster than Li-Ion in lab conditions. If this technology takes off, it could address the sustainability challenges of electric mobility globally. 

EP 08 | Aakash , EV Consumer

"Significant" EV Consumer

In this episode, we decided to change track and feature a conversation with interesting insights from the perspective of an EV end user.  Aakash drove his Tata Nexon 1500 km from Jaipur to Longewala and back and we go over the challenges and joys of an EV on long drives, including tow charging, issues with earthing for AC charging, and how ordinary drivers may be able to do long drives Atma Nirbhar with their own AC chargers today 

EP 07 | Reji Kumar PILLAI, ISGF

President ISGF

In this conversation we speak with Reji Kumar PILLAI, President of the India Smart Grid Forum and chairman of the Global Smart Energy Federation, known across the E-mobility and power sectors globally as a result. Working behind the scenes quite like Batman, Reji has been able to influence key policy changes to allow the charge point industry to come about in India and for the convergence in opinions on charging standards in the country

EP 06 | Mahesh BABU, Mahindra Electric

MD & CEO of Mahindra Electric

To kick off our 2021 series, Energizing India podcast co-hosts, Trivikram APTE and Sunil BHAMBHANI speak with the MD & CEO of Mahindra Electric, Mahesh BABU. This insightful conversation covered Mahesh’s own journey with Mahindra, the company’s plans to sell 500,000 EVs in India within 5 years, and the fact that Mahindra is focusing these to be 3 and 4 wheeled EVs, the journey so far with the challenges posed by varying charging standards and an ecosystem that has yet to evolve for EVs, battery swap versus charge strategies and how EVs can help provide emergency powers to homes as well

EP 05 | Fireside Chat

In this fireside chat, we discuss Niti Ayog’s initiatives to facilitate investment establishing over 50 GWH manufacturing capacity in India in the next few years, covering in detail what will happen to battery prices, the geopolitical challenges of importing the raw materials in such large quantities when China dominates the value chain to its advantage, as well as their forecasts for when such a major uplift in capacity will happen in India. Tune in to hear perspectives from different parts of the lithium value chain.

EP 04 | Sulajja FIRODIA, Kinetic Green Ltd.

CEO, Kinetic Green Ltd.

Sulajja FIRODIA Founder & CEO at Kinetic Green Energy is a pioneer of electric vehicles in India, staying true to her family heritage that pioneered the iconic LUNA in the 60s and India’s first gearless scooter, the Kinetic Honda in the 80s. Sulajja is one of India’s well-recognized women entrepreneurs presently working to change the passenger transit and light goods transport segment and how this important aspect of mobility in India is being decarbonized through innovative electric solutions.

EP 03 | Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy

CEO, Ather Energy

Ather Energy is changing the game in India, changing the game in the Indian two-wheeler market with its Ather 450x scooter which is completely electric and runs on lithium-ion batteries. Ather is in effect the Tesla of the two-wheeler mobility market in India, demonstrating that an electric bike need not compromise on its looks, range, speed, or safety. Listen in to hear the journey of Ather from 2013 to today and what is planned for the future. Tarun is candid about the secret of their success and also about policy changes that will help the industry grow faster.

EP 02 | Stefan LOUIS, Nexcharge

CEO, Nexcharge

Stefan LOUIS, CEO of Nexcharge speaks with Ravin MIRCHADANI on the evolution of the lithium industry in India. Nexcharge is a joint venture between Leclanché of Switzerland and Exide Industries of India and is focused on manufacturing the latest technology lithium batteries in India. Stefan covers his experience establishing a factory in India, an analysis of government policy on fostering EV growth, and attracting lithium battery manufacturing to India.

EP 01 | Maxson Lewis, Magenta Power

MD, Magenta Power

The first episode features Maxson Lewis, Managing Director of Magenta – Power | ChargeGrid | Infomatics, one of India’s largest charge point operators. In this candid conversation, Maxson covers his journey establishing a start-up in India that is focused on clean mobility and offers deep insights into a possible road map for full electrification of the mobility sector in India.

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