What’s the deal with urban electric vehicles?

With the increasing population in India, it has become evident that it will soon overtake China in terms of population density. As the population is increasing, urban areas are being affected the most, and with this, facilities like employment opportunities, resources, traffic congestion, education, etc., need to be taken care of. In order to make […]

What Happened With Tesla India?

That distant buzz is the sound of the race to electrification, which is changing for the better. But what about the participants who desire to enter the race but face a roadblock? India is one of the world’s major automotive markets and has long been a market of interest for global car manufacturers looking to […]

Is Battery Swapping a viable solution for India?

“Battery-as-a-service or battery swapping allows EV owners to replace their depleted batteries with freshly charged ones at swap stations.”  The automotive industry is going through a revolution. India has already established aggressive emission reduction objectives, and the vehicle sector is one critical area where emissions can be dramatically reduced. Today every debate on EV adoption […]

Is OLA Electric’s ambitions for EVs in India flawed?

“Potential investors and customers are attracted to the electric car as a mirage. Seems Ola Electric must sort out its electric scooter first.”  Nitin Gadkari, India’s transport minister, has pushed for the far-fetched goal of having solely electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2030. By the end of the decade, the goal is to electrify […]

Electric Vehicle Trends In India And Top Selling EVs in 2021

Energizing India Blog, 19th Feb ’22 After nearly a decade of hype, there are some signs that the electric-vehicle revolution is finally here. As most automakers around the world produce more electric vehicles in an effort to reduce emissions in the face of stricter regulations, the share of plug-in electric vehicles has steadily increased. Governments […]

What is the deal with EVs catching fire? And why should you care?

Energizing India Blog, 30th Dec ’21 “Safety of E-Scooters continues to make headlines as EV fire claims its first life in India”  For years, the idea of electric vehicles ruling our highways seemed like a far-fetched dream. However, electric vehicles (EVs) are now in high demand worldwide, and their popularity is only expected to grow in the coming years. […]

World’s First Electrified Vintage 1954 Fiat Millecento

“Using old bottles to store new wines. Rides from the past that can now go green.”  When the great lockdowns of 2020 came upon us… there was not much to do. So much stress about business, our customers, the delay in the launch of our new DC fast charger product line due to the collapse […]

The European Lead Battery Conference & Exhibition is live and online 22-24 September

At the first global lead battery gathering since the coronavirus pandemic, we’re bringing you updates over three days from the ELBC Studio, including: A full programme of insights and analysis from over 50 leading industry figures and research experts: Industry Insights – leading experts and company executives share their analysis and debate the impact of the pandemic on […]

How Natural Gas Utilities Play a Role in the Future of Our Energy System

With a global pandemic and unprecedented extreme weather, we have seen how essential our energy delivery system is to our way of life. Through collaboration and innovation, we will make the system more resilient and fulfill our commitment to reducing emissions. American Gas Association members are already leading in these areas—providing customers with reliable and affordable energy […]

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