Digatron launches new lithium pouch cell assembly division in Italy

Digatron launches new lithium pouch cell assembly division in Italy


To offer Lithium Cell Formation and Production Machinery integrating along with Battery Formation and Testing Solutions.

Battery testing and formation expert Digatron has newly created a mechanical division called “Digatron Systems” located in Italy which focuses on mechanical machinery to address the increasing demand of lithium pouch cell assembling equipment, offering one stop solution to new and traditional lithium battery producers. .

The partnership between the German and Italian firm was announced in January 2020 and focuses on providing a proper fusion between mechanical and electronics technology to offer tailored integrated solutions for cell production, formation and module assembly to lithium-ion battery manufacturer.

With Digatron bringing 50+ years of experience in battery formation and testing solutions, together they lead a pool of dedicated experts, with wide experience in the field, deep knowledge of the lithium cell and advanced battery production process, with proven technology in mechanical and automation.

Digatron Systems website can now be located at

About Digatron

Digatron is an international group of companies with manufacturing facilities in Germany, the USA, China and India. For over half a century, we have been developing and producing test and formation systems for all types of batteries, ranging from mobile phone batteries, to electric vehicle batteries, through to batteries for submarines. Digatron also supplies highly dynamic test and simulation systems for other types of electrical energy storage such as fuel cells, supercapacitors and hybrid drives. As a global market leader, today you can find Digatron wherever batteries are manufactured or used to store energy. And rightly so: Digatron’s solutions stand for uncompromising quality and are characterized by long product life cycles. Our customers include battery and automobile manufacturers, as well as research facilities that develop technologies and solutions for the electrochemical energy storage systems of the future.

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