July 25, 2022

Is Battery Swapping A Viable Solution for India?

Energizing India Podcast
Energizing India Podcast
Is Battery Swapping A Viable Solution for India?

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Is Battery Swapping A Viable Solution for India?

The automotive industry is going through a revolution. India has already established aggressive emission reduction objectives, and the vehicle sector is one critical area where emissions can be dramatically reduced. As EV adoption increases, the attention is shifting to building the infrastructure, such as charging as well as battery swapping stations. It’s clear after the recent budget that the government aims to establish battery-swap service standards, focusing on electric two and three-wheelers that ferry customers and cater to last-mile delivery.  

In this episode, we explore the intricacies of battery swapping, and the government incentives to arrive at a conclusion on its role in accelerating EV adoption in India.  

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