June 3, 2021

The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.

Energizing India Podcast
Energizing India Podcast
The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.

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The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.

A few months ago we featured a conversation about the impact that Electric Rickshaws have had in Delhi & Gurgaon, that conversation was about what used to happened a few years ago with street-level handling of lead-acid batteries, the lack of safety of these 3 wheeled transit vehicles which were mostly imported from China and the impact on the grid from the power that was stolen to charge them.  

It  created a sort of response & comments online that normally are reserved for incendiary statements. People commented that we were being unfair to these Chinese imports as we were calling them unsafe and that we haven’t done our research on street level Battery Charing & handling of lead which had improved in the last few years in Delhi.   

So we decided to check it out ourselves and unravel the drama behind Delhi’s E reaction to uncover the number and data that makes this sector tick.  

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