With Two Brands and a Purpose-Built INGLO Platform, Mahindra Introduces Five Electrifying SUVs.

With Two Brands and a Purpose-Built INGLO Platform, Mahindra Introduces Five Electrifying SUVs.


Mahindra revealed two new brands established expressly to house the company’s EV portfolio – the brand XUV with the Twin Peak emblem in Copper and a new EV brand titled BE. 

Mahindra & Mahindra introduced its new electric vehicle architecture named ‘INGLO EV platform’ and five e-SUVs under the two EV brands – iconic brand XUV with the Twin Peak insignia and the all-new electric-only brand BE, displaying its vision for the future of electric transportation. 

“Mahindra’s ambition is to lead the electric mobility revolution in India by providing real electric SUVs with cutting-edge technology, through the three major strategic pillars of Brand, Design, and Technology,” Mahindra stated in a press statement. 

Mahindra’s new INGLO EV platform is built on a modular electric skateboard and will serve as the foundation for the local manufacturer’s new line of EVs, which are expected to be available by the end of 2024. Intriguingly, Mahindra also stated that the platform would be powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric powertrain matrix (MEB). Volkswagen’s future I.D. family vehicles are based on the new MEB components, which are presently being developed. 

Brand new products 

Mahindra revealed two new brands established exclusively to house the company’s EV portfolio – the brand XUV with the Twin Peak emblem in Copper and a new EV brand named BE – with the goal of bringing the sport in electric SUVs. 

Mahindra announced that the brand XUV will provide a variety of goods that would build on the company’s past while looking to the future. “With a smart futuristic design, throbbing performance, and dynamic innovation, it is aimed at people who want to enjoy life beyond bounds while making a difference,” the company said. Mahindra, on the other hand, hopes to reach new customers with its new design language with the new BE brand. 

Mahindra’s new e-SUVs 

Under these new trademarks, the business also displayed five e-SUVs: the XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07, and BE.09. Mahindra also disclosed the launch dates for its two e-SUVs, stating that the XUV.e8 would arrive in December 2024, followed by the XUV.e9 in April 2025. The BE.05, on the other hand, will make its debut in October 2025, with the BE.07 following in October 2026. The business has not specified a release date for the BE.09. 

According to the business release, all of the aforementioned e-SUVs will be built on Mahindra’s new Heartcore design philosophy and will have an exciting presence while preserving the Mahindra core SUV history. 

Dr. Anish Shah, managing director and CEO of Mahindra Group, stated, “Mahindra will provide clients with cutting-edge technology, eye-catching design, world-class goods, and the benefits of global alliances. We anticipate that by 2027, one-quarter of the SUVs we sell will be electric.” 

Mahindra’s new INGLO EV platform 

Mahindra’s new INGLO EV platform will be utilized to manufacture SUVs with wheelbases ranging from 4,368mm to 4,735mm, according to the firm. Furthermore, the manufacturer stated that its new architecture would employ a common battery pack design and will use LFP chemistry, which is safer than NMC-based cells. 

The battery capacities for the e-SUVs would be between 60 and 80kWh, with a rapid charge of 175kW capable of charging the battery from 0 to 80% in less than 30 minutes. Under the WLTP cycle, Mahindra estimates that the 80kWh battery would provide a driving range of up to 450km. 

The new e-SUVs are expected to be available in both rear-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. According to the announcement, the e-front SUV’s engine will provide 109hp and 135Nm of torque, while the rear motors will create 286hp and 560Nm of torque. Mahindra also claims a 0-100kph sprint time of 5-6 seconds. 

In terms of safety, Mahindra claims that vehicles based on the new platform will receive top marks in the major NCAP programs – GNCAP, EuroNCAP, and BNCAP. The business also indicated that active safety has been prioritized, and the vehicles would have ADAS capabilities up to L2+ autonomy. The new e-SUVs are expected to include class-leading safety equipment, augmented reality-enabled heads-up display, edge-to-edge screen, 5G network connectivity, and Over-The-Air upgrades, among several other things. 

The automaker’s first significant step in the electric vehicle industry was the acquisition of Reva Electric Car Company 12 years ago. However, things did not go as anticipated in the fledgling Indian EV market at the time. However, the new ideas preview a variety of new battery electric SUVs due to the sudden rise in the following years, with the business aiming to have a five-strong e-SUV lineup by 2027. With the goal of being a groundbreaking brand in the electrification race in India, along with  the INGLO platform encompasses innovative battery technology, platform design, brain power, and human-machine interaction. This is establishing its momentum and has undoubtedly reached enormous success. 

The cutting-edge INGLO platform will underlie all future Mahindra EVs. The purpose-built platform will include intuitive, intelligent, and immersive features that will form the backbone of the Mahindra EV architecture and serve as the core of its ultimate human-machine interface. It’s worth noting that Mahindra’s ‘born electric’ branding implies that all of these SUVs were built from the ground up as EVs on a specific electric vehicle platform. 

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