What is the deal with EVs catching fire? And why should you care?

For years, the idea of electric vehicles ruling our highways seemed like a far-fetched dream. However, electric vehicles are now in high demand worldwide, and their popularity is only expected to grow in the coming years. Electric vehicles have seen rapid adoption as a result of Li-ion battery price reductions and improved performance. Despite the […]

The Finance Side of EVs

Around the world, the sustainable energy revolution is rapidly gaining traction and zero-emission mobility is now a stated target for many economies as well as vehicle manufacturers. In India, the Electric Vehicle sector is still in a nascent stage but going at an astonishing pace. This is facilitated by the union and state governments implementing […]

The Big Issue With E-Rickshaws.

A few months ago we featured a conversation about the impact that Electric Rickshaws have had in Delhi & Gurgaon, that conversation was about what used to happened a few years ago with street-level handling of lead-acid batteries, the lack of safety of these 3 wheeled transit vehicles which were mostly imported from China and the impact […]